Enjoy one of the most spectacular happenings in the Old Town of Split.The guard shift performance takes place every day from May 15 to September 27 exactly at noon (12.00h) at Peristyle. The Emperor Diocletian appears with 6 soldiers, greets the mass and holds the appropriate speech inviting the guests to his Palace.
Peristyle monumental court was part of a complex intended for the Diocletian`s cult who demanded to be honored as the living son of Jupiter and also formed the northern access to the imperial apartments.Prothyrum, onto which the Emperor came out through Vestibule from his apartments, is the frame from which he presented himself to his subjects as they fell before him in adoration.Hundreds of years have been passed since then and grandeur of the place has been highly preserved with the time.The place is so inspiring that even Pope John Paul II exclaimed with “ave” when he walked into it.