Just like many other things which marked 20th century, jazz arrived in Split with the allied forces’ peace mission after the World War One.In those few years American sailors brought the strange sound to local bars and restaurants, causing horror among puritans. Some of the jazz spirit and sound was taken over by Ivo Tijardović, Split-born composer and author of two iconic operettas, “A Little Floramye” and “Split Aquarelle”. “Jazz in February” started in the City Puppet Theatre with the small, cosy and intimate auditorium that brings great music for the last seven years. Performers are mostly the names from the South-eastern Europe. That way Jazz in February became important festival which connects classic jazz and Balkans’ ethno sound. We will have the same kind of experience this year, with concerts on three Saturdays and special night on Valentine’s Day. Maybe you didn’t hear for all the names which will play there, but trust me: Jazz in February rarely misses.