Every year on August 18th the port of Omiš becomes the venue of the pirate battle – a free blockbuster taking place right before your eyes!The Pirate Battle of Omiš is a unique and fascinating event that reconstructs a battle that took place in the 13th century. The role-playing battle describes the fight between the Venetian fleet, commanded by Akoncije with pirates of Omiš, led by Malduk. The battle took place in the harbor of Omiš which ended with the Venetians having to pay a fee to pass through Brač channel.Pirates from Omiš were extraordinary sailors and shipbuilders, famous for their Sagittas (the Arrow), a special type of ship constructed for fast attack and even faster retrieval into the safety of the mouth of  Cetina River. Due to its position and the bravery of its inhabitants, Omiš was practically impregnable to all invaders, even to the Turks.